Aristocratic Names

We have 127 Aristocratic Names in our list.

An aristocrat is someone whose family has a high social rank, especially someone who has a title. Today babies born in higher social rank families need to have Aristocratic names so parents want to find a perfect aristocrat name for their babies. Here is a list of aristocratic names, highly rated by members.

Alastair Defender of the people ,  Defender protector of mankind ,  A form of alexander
Albert Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright
Albrecht Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  German nobly famous ,  A derivative of name adalbert
Alcott Coming from the old cottage ,  Old cottage
Alden Old friend ,  Of old age
Alfred Advice from elves ,  Friend of the elves
Alistaire Defender of man
Alston Noblemans home ,  Stone ,  A noble friend or a wise shrine from the old manor
Andres Virile ,  Manly ,  A born warrior who is manly and brave
Ansley From the field of hermits ,  A beautiful meadow and a hermitage
Anthony Worthy of admiration ,  Praise ,  They are unique priceless flower and a roman clan name
Antoinette Invaluable ,  Queen of france ,  Beautiful flower
Archibald Daring ,  Precious ,  A bald man
Argyle Coming from the land of the gaels ,  Ruler of gauls
Aristide Finest ,  The perfect kind ,  One who is the best type
Arvin Friend to all ,  Experiment ,  Trial ,  A friend of the eagle
Ashcroft Ash tree farm ,  Ash enclosure
Ashford Living beside the ash tree ford ,  One who lives by the ash tree ford
Aston From the east town ,  A name meaning eastern town in english
Avner My father is luminous ,  A hebrew name ,  They are compassionate
Babette Promise of god ,  One who takes god as oath
Baldrick Bold ruler ,  It means power and bravery
Baldwin Bold friend ,  It means a bold and brave friend
Bancroft Village on a hillside ,  Bean field
Barclay Wood from a birch tree ,  Meadow of the birch tree
Barrick A barley farm ,  Grain farma barley farm
Barrington A troublesome tribe ,  Person ,  Town of barr
Barwick Coming from a corn farm
Bates Boatman ,  Variant of bartholomew
Beau Beautiful person ,  Handsome ,  Pretty ,  Beautiful gaze ,  Beautiful handsome
Beaumont Coming from a beautiful hill ,  Beautiful mountain
Beauregard Beautiful look ,  Beautiful handsome
Bedford From bedfordshire ,  Derived from the english place name
Belinda Pretty snake ,  Bright serpent
Bennett The blessed one ,  Little blessed one
Bentley Bent grass clearing ,  Bentley is from the bentgrass field
Bernard As strong as a bear ,  Bold as a bear
Bernardine As strong as a bear ,  Bearhard ,  Brave as a bear ,  Female version of bernard ,  From an old german compound
Beverly Coming from the stream of beavers ,  Near the meadow of the beavers
Bianca The white one ,  White ,  Light ,  Shining ,  A shakespearean baby name meaning tragedy of othello mistress of cassio
Blanche The white one ,  White
Braddock Living near a broad oak tree ,  A habitational name a broad oak tree ,  Signifies strength
Bradford A person living near a ford ,  A person who hails from a broad ford
Bramwell Coming from bramwell ,  A well that is present where the broom grows
Branford Broom ford ,  The ford of brand
Brantley Coming from a land cleared by fire ,  A fire sword ,  A burning sword
Florence Thriving ,  One which means to blossom and bloom
Frances Woman from france ,  A feminine replacement for franceis which refers to a french person or a free person
Franklin Free owner of land ,  Obtained from anglofranco word fraunclein the name means a free landmaster
Franny Woman from france ,  A free woman descending from france
Frederica Calm monarch ,  Female version of frederic it refers to a peaceful person (or ruler)
Frederick Calm monarch ,  English form of german name friedrich it means a peaceful ruler
Fulbright Extremely famous ,  The one who is an outstanding person or extraordinary man
Gable Tax collector ,  Gobler ,  Junior gabriel or son of gabriel
Gabrielle Gods bravest woman ,  God is my strength
Gage In charge of weights ,  Measures ,  Of the pledge
Gaines Ingenious ,  Clever man ,  Fraud or dishonesty