Biblical Names

We have 39 Biblical Names in our list.

You will find here biblical boy names and biblical girl names. Biblical meanings of names are also considered in our list. Female biblical names play a variety of roles in the Bible. Names sometimes relate to the nominee's role in a biblical narrative, as in the case of Nabal, a foolish man whose name means "fool.". Names in the Bible can represent human hopes, divine revelations, or are used to illustrate prophecies.

Abel Breathing ,  Usually it means vanity or breath or tansitory
Abraham Father of many nations ,  Faultless ,  Father of a multitude and many nations ,  Father of a multitude
Adam Man ,  A prophets name ,  Man earth
Adon God ,  Lord
Adonai God ,  Lord ,  My ruler ,  My lord
Adonias God ,  Lord ,  The lord is my ruler
Adriel Follower of god ,  The collection of gods followers of god
Amaris Given by god ,  Child of the moon ,  God has promised ,  Pledged by god ,  A promise from god
Amos Bearer of burden ,  Carried ,  The one who is strong and brave
Asriel Gods support ,  Prince of the god
Ava Living ,  Breathing ,  Voice ,  Call ,  A bird ,  A living organism of the ecosystem
Ben Right hands son ,  Born of the right hand ,  Meadow with coarse grass ,  Son of the south ,  Benjamin ,  Son of
Benedict The blessed one ,  Blessed sacred
Benjamin Right hands son ,  Son of the right hand
Gabe Gods bravest man ,  From the name gabriel
Gabriel Gods bravest man ,  God is my strength
Gabrielle Gods bravest woman ,  God is my strength
Genesis The beginning ,  Origin
Gilad Hill of witness ,  Hump of a camel ,  Gilad is a male name and means monument site of testemony it has hebrew biblical and arabic origins
Hannah Gracious ,  Wife ,  Grace ,  Affection ,  Grace of god ,  Favour ,  God has favoured me ,  Mother of samuel ,  Favoured grace ,  Grace favour
Hezekiah Strength from god ,  God gives strength strength of the lord
Ibrahim Father of multitude ,  Intimate friend ,  Prophets name ,  A variant of ebrahim meaning father of many nations
Isaiah God delivers ,  God is my salvation ,  The lord helps me ,  The salvation of the lord ,  Gods helper ,  Salvation of the lord
Ishmael God hears ,  Son of abraham ,  In the bible ismael was son of abraham by sarahs egyptian slave woman hagar ,  God will hear ,  God listens ,  God ,  God that hears
Jacob Following after ,  Hebrew yahweh may protect ,  Holder of heel ,  Supplanter ,  Derived from the yaakov or yakubel in hebrew
Jael Wild as a mountain goat ,  Mountain goat ,  Hebrew mountain goat ,  Biblical he that ascends ,  Kid
Jebediah Gods friend ,  Beloved friend
Jedediah Gods friend ,  Friend of god
Jezebel One that is not noble ,  Follower of idols
Jonah Dove ,  It means dove people with this name get fame and wealth they are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude
Lourdes From lourdes ,  Name refering to the virgin mary
Maria Rebellious woman ,  Bitter or sea of bitterness ,  Variation of mary or miriam which means bitter or wishedfor child
Messiah One who is anointed by god ,  The one who is chose by or as if by divine intervention
Noah Rest comfortably ,  Relaxation restful harmony calm
Samuel To be able to hear god ,  God is heard ,  Asked of god ,  Told by god ,  Name of one of the king in bible ,  Follower of jesus ,  It was told by the god
Tobias Yahweh is good ,  God is good
Yedaiah God is my salvation
Zachary God remembers ,  Yahweh has remembered