Cowpoke Names

We have 147 Cowpoke Names in our list.

Adabelle From the beautiful scenery ,  In hebrew it means adornment in german it means noble in african it means oldest daughter
Agnes Sacred ,  Chaste ,  Pure ,  A chaste woman
Aliza Filled with joy ,  Joyous ,  Happiness ,  Faithful ,  Pious ,  Honest ,  Joyful blissful pleasent
Althea One who heals ,  Healing power accompanied with wholesomeness they are truthful creative alluring and a loyal mate
Amabel Adorable ,  Form of amabilis ,  The most lovable and amiable of all
Ames Companion ,  A rare name who is a loved by everyone and is a variant of amos
Amos Bearer of burden ,  Carried ,  The one who is strong and brave
Amy Beloved ,  Derived from amee ,  They are beloved and nurturing one
Anders Virile ,  Manly ,  Old greek man ,  Virility ,  Latin priceless ,  A variant of name anderson
Angus Unique choice ,  The chosen one
Anna Gracious ,  Merciful ,  Food ,  Grace ,  Full of grace ,  Favour ,  God has favoured me ,  Mother ,  Favour and grace ,  Eagle ,  Name of a king ,  Grain ,  Earth and water ,  God
Annabel Adorable ,  A loving human being
Annie Gracious ,  Merciful ,  Variation of hannah ,  A beautiful prayer ,  Grace
April Open ,  A bud ,  The one who is born in april
Arizona Little spring ,  Silver bearing ,  Also means a name for a spring
Ashley Meadow of ash trees ,  Dwells at the ash tree meadow ,  Ashtree meadow ,  Ash wood ,  One who lives in the groves of an ash tree
Aston From the east town ,  A name meaning eastern town in english
Atkin Man ,  A british surname
Atkins Son of atkin
Autumn Season of fall ,  Name of a season ,  The fourth season of the year
Avery Ruler of elves ,  Confirmation ,  They are an elf ruler ,  A sage
Avril Open ,  The month of april
Babs Stranger ,  Foreigner ,  One who is a born traveller
Bailey Governor ,  Bailiff ,  An administrator or a manager ,  A goddess
Bale Living near the castle wall ,  Old greek royal ,  Kingly ,  A variant of name basil
Barbara Stranger ,  Foreigner ,  Stranger visitor alien
Barnes Very young warrior ,  Near the barns
Barrett Rule like a bear ,  Strength of a bear
Barrick A barley farm ,  Grain farma barley farm
Beatrice Voyager ,  Bringer of joy
Bedford From bedfordshire ,  Derived from the english place name
Ben Right hands son ,  Born of the right hand ,  Meadow with coarse grass ,  Son of the south ,  Benjamin ,  Son of
Benjamin Right hands son ,  Son of the right hand
Bess Promise of god ,  Derived from elizabeth
Bethany From a fig house ,  House of poverty ,  Lifetown near jerusalem
Betsy Promise of god ,  Consecrated to god
Blaine The color yellow ,  Thin lean slight
Blaze Flame ,  Conflagration ,  A flame
Blythe Joyful ,  Happy
Bonnie Attractive ,  An attractive and charming woman
Braden Son of bradan ,  One who is as sleek as a salmon
Brady Descendent of a dishonest but thriving chief ,  Free spirited and broad minded person
Braelyn Unclear ,  A beautiful attractive hill
Galen Calm ,  Peaceful ,  A healer one who is calm
Garland A triangular bit of land ,  Garlandmaker
Garth An enclosed space ,  The keeper of the garden
Genevieve Leader of the tribe ,  Tirbe woman
Georgia Farming woman ,  Feminine form of george
Germaine Sister ,  Refers to a young branch new growth
Glenda Nothing but goodness ,  Glenda means holy and good
Goddard As strong as god ,  The name is composition of two word god which is used here to be meant as good and hard which meand strong and brave as a whole goddard means a good or greate brave person
Graham Gravel homestead ,  A boy from the gray house gray is the sign of intelligence
Grainger A person who oversees the granaries ,  They are quick and clever minded they are low temperred and low patient personality
Granville Guard settlement ,  The name granuaile is of irish beginning the importance of granuaile is beauty omalley
Hadley Meadow of heathers ,  From the heath covered meadow
Haley Meadow of hay ,  Clearing meadow
Hampton Homestead within a settlement ,  Homestead farm