Gentle Names

We have 120 Gentle Names in our list.

Gentleman names babies have calm personality. Gentle names for boys are most popular baby names because such names suits for boys

Abigail My fathers delight ,  Father in rejoicing
Adabelle From the beautiful scenery ,  In hebrew it means adornment in german it means noble in african it means oldest daughter
Adam Man ,  A prophets name ,  Man earth
Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Agatha Goodhearted ,  Good ,  A common greek name which means good many great novelists saints and celebrities are named agatha
Aida One who returns ,  Visiting ,  Noble ,  Nobility ,  Reward ,  Present ,  Helper ,  Something of value given in return of some thing good reward in some cases it means return
Aisha One who is alive ,  Living ,  Prosperous ,  Lively ,  Woman ,  Life ,  She is life ,  Alive ,  Wife of prophet muhammad ,  Joy ,  Happiness ,  Lively woman life ,  Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet mohammed ,  The one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome in some cases it also means living
Aldabella Old but graceful ,  Beautiful individual who is old and prosperous
Alessa Protector of humanity ,  Noble one
Alia From heaven ,  Heaven ,  Sky ,  Noble splendid decent
Alivia Olive ,  Alivia is olive tree
Ally Noble ,  Graceful ,  Arabic high ,  Lofty ,  Sublime ,  Germanic of a noble kind ,  Greek defender ,  A variant of ali
Amanda One who deserves love ,  Active ,  The one who is made for love and respect who are active and bright
Amelia Hardworking ,  Trustworthy ,  Beautiful ,  The one who is industrious hard working and fertile
Amy Beloved ,  Derived from amee ,  They are beloved and nurturing one
Anaya Admire god ,  Origin ,  Popularity ,  Variants ,  Concern ,  Solicitude ,  Without a superior ,  Look up to god ,  Hebrew god answered ,  God was gracious ,  A variation of aniya
Anna Gracious ,  Merciful ,  Food ,  Grace ,  Full of grace ,  Favour ,  God has favoured me ,  Mother ,  Favour and grace ,  Eagle ,  Name of a king ,  Grain ,  Earth and water ,  God
Annabel Adorable ,  A loving human being
Arlo Between two hills ,  Manly strong
Ashlyn Meadow of ash trees ,  A name which means dream
Aubrey Ruler of elves ,  Bearlike ,  Elf ruler ,  Ruler of the elves ,  A blond and a elf ruler
Audrey Of noble strength ,  Old word meaning divine and strength
Ava Living ,  Breathing ,  Voice ,  Call ,  A bird ,  A living organism of the ecosystem
Ayla Oak tree ,  Oak tree or halo moonlight
Bailey Governor ,  Bailiff ,  An administrator or a manager ,  A goddess
Barney The son of encouragement ,  Derived from bernard
Bartley Birch forest ,  From the birch tree meadows ,  Son of talmai ,  Son of the one who abounds in furrows
Bela White ,  Pure ,  Within ,  Intelligent ,  Destruction ,  Evening time ,  A flower jasmine ,  Time ,  One who lives inside heart
Bella Promise of god ,  Beautiful handsome attractive
Benjamin Right hands son ,  Son of the right hand
Bennett The blessed one ,  Little blessed one
Bentley Bent grass clearing ,  Bentley is from the bentgrass field
Blossom Blossom ,  Flowerlike
Bowen Owens son ,  Son of owen
Flynn Red haired ,  Red complexioned ,  It essentially means descendant of the redhaired ones
Free Born a free man ,  As the name suggests it refers to a free and unbound individual
Gabby Gods bravest woman ,  Hero of god ,  From the name gabrielle
Gaia From the earth ,  Refers to the planet where human being can be lived
Galo Of a rooster ,  Adult male chicken
Gavino Coming from gabium ,  Derived from gabinus means gabium one of the olden cities in italy
Gefen Vine
Geneva Leader of the tribe ,  Juniper shrub small tree with berry cones
Georgia Farming woman ,  Feminine form of george
Gervais Servant of the spear ,  Refers to the supremacy of the spear
Gia God is merciful ,  Italian name meaning god is gracious
Gianna God is merciful ,  Gianna is an italian female name the meaning of the name is the lord is gracious
Gigi Virgin woman ,  Gigi is a female name of greek origin it means earth worker
Gilad Hill of witness ,  Hump of a camel ,  Gilad is a male name and means monument site of testemony it has hebrew biblical and arabic origins
Giles Wearer of goats skin ,  Giles is a male name and means young goat it has greek origins
Gillian Daughter of jupiter ,  Gillian is a female name of latin origins it means blessing
Gina Queen ,  Powerful mother of black people ,  Well born ,  Race of women ,  Powerful woman ,  White wave ,  A girl from the farm ,  Virgin ,  Silvery ,  Pure ,  Variant of regina ,  Gina comes from a greek word and means well born
Gloria Woman of glory ,  Gloria means glory in latin
Glover A person who makes gloves ,  The name glover means a maker od a seller of gloves mostly used as a surname
Goodwin Gods friend ,  Friend of god the one with good dees and qualities who will always be ready to help and lead others
Grady Son of gradaigh ,  Grady means a noble person or a sign of nobility
Graham Gravel homestead ,  A boy from the gray house gray is the sign of intelligence
Gray Gray haired ,  Gray bearded person ,  Gray may be a n ickname of a person who have gray here or who is very intelligent