Nature Names

We have 128 Nature Names in our list.

Amethyst Protected from intoxication ,  Color of a gem which means it cant be intoxicated
Aspen The aspen tree
Autumn Season of fall ,  Name of a season ,  The fourth season of the year
Barrow Living by a grove
Basil Imperial ,  Monarchic ,  Royal ,  Kingly ,  Brave ,  The great ,  King like ,  Like a king
Birch Close to birch trees ,  Birch tree
Blaze Flame ,  Conflagration ,  A flame
Blossom Blossom ,  Flowerlike
Blue The color blue
Branch Tree branch ,  An extension prolongment or addition
Canyon Ravine ,  Gorge ,  A very large ravine a canyon
Cheyenne Alien speakers ,  Born dancer ,  Tribe of the great plains
Chrysanthe Flower of gold ,  A golden coloured flowering plant
Clementine Compassionate ,  Mild ,  Merciful ,  Forgiving ,  Tender
Cloud Like a cloud ,  A condensed form of water vapours that is present in the atmosphere ,  Can also mean a state of worry or unease
Colorado Colorful ,  Derived from the state of colorado or the red river in colorado
Colt Taking care of horses ,  Residing from a dark town with no source of light
Coral Coral ,  A beautiful plant growing in the sea that is used to make ornaments and jewellery
Cypress Strong ,  Muscular ,  Adaptable ,  A strong adaptable being
Dagwood A shining forest ,  From bright wood
Daisy Eye of the day ,  A beautiful flower
Dakota Friendly companion ,  Ally ,  Fuse together
Diamond Infrangible ,  Unbreakable ,  An untamed person ,  Colorless and sharp stone
Dove Dove bird ,  Dark and shady
Eagle Eagle ,  Educated and noble person ,  Attentive
Ellwood Coming from the elder wood ,  The one who belongs to the old forest
Emerald Green gemstone ,  This is a precious gemstone with the same name
Everest Courageous like a boar ,  The tallest mountain in the whole world
Fairy Fairy spirit ,  A magical creature
Falcon Falcon keeper ,  A falcon bird
Fawn Little young deer ,  Young deer ,  Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was fauna
Fern Fern plant ,  A green shade loving plant a fern
Fleur Like a flower ,  An old french word for flower
Flint From an area with flint rock ,  A hard stone which produces sparks on rubbing to make fire ,  A stream
Flora Like a flower ,  Flower a nature name ,  Derived from the latin word floit means a flower ,  Roman goddess of spring
Flower Like a flower ,  As the name suggests it represents a bloom blossom or flower
Forrest From the woods ,  A variant of the name forest it represents green woods or a forest
Free Born a free man ,  As the name suggests it refers to a free and unbound individual
Garland A triangular bit of land ,  Garlandmaker
Garnet A person who makes door hinges ,  A form of garnett
Genesis The beginning ,  Origin
Ginger Ginger woman ,  The name ginger means virgin and is also associated with ginger flower
Glenwood A forest in a valley ,  Glenwood is a male name and means wood in the valley
Green Coming from a green place ,  They are selfmade and focus on large issues of lifethey build their foundation very strong
Grove From a grove ,  Hunter the one who will be adventures and independent love the leadership
Harmony Harmony ,  Harmony is musical combination of chords ,  Peace and agreement
Hawke Hawk ,  A falcon bird of prey
Haywood Enclosed woods ,  Fence wood
Hazel Hazel tree ,  The hazelnet tree
Hill Hill
Honey Honey ,  Sweet as honey ,  Sweetheart ,  Beloved ,  Sweet ,  Adorable ,  Sweet liquid
Indigo Person from india ,  The color dark blue
Iris Colors of rainbow ,  Rainbow which originated from a flowers name in greek
Ivy Climbing plant ,  Climber ,  Ivy plant ,  An evergreen climbing ornamental plant ,  A vine ,  Gods gift ,  Fragrant ,  Climbing vine plant ,  Yew ,  A creeper ,  Botanical name or name of a flower and also the name of a place in france
Jade Gemstone ,  Hebrew thankful ,  Jade is green gemstone ,  A pet form of name jadon
Jasmine Jasmine flower ,  A flower ,  Fragrant flower ,  Flower of jasmine ,  Gift from god ,  A plant in the olive family ,  Name of the jasmin flower
Jewel Precious stone ,  Jayanta ,  Lord vishnu ,  An accessory used as a decoration on oneself