Romantic Names

We have 102 Romantic Names in our list.

Romantic names to call your boyfriend are much demanded. People love to call their mates with romantic names, our list of romantic names provide you with all the names you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend with.

Adoracion Adoration ,  An act of religious worship
Alana Valuable ,  Precious ,  Little rock or harmony concord
Alberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright and famous individual
Alec Defending men ,  Defender of mankind
Alejandro Defender of man ,  Guardian of mankind
Alexis Protector of humanity ,  Protector of mankind
Alina Graceful ,  Noble ,  Beautiful not verified ,  Beautiful bright
Alric Ruler over all ,  A universal noble and a regal ruler
Amadeo Gods love ,  Love of god ,  A variant of name amadeu which is derived from latin amare to love and deus god
Amethyst Protected from intoxication ,  Color of a gem which means it cant be intoxicated
Andreas Virile ,  Manly ,  Form of andrew ,  Creative outgoing and manly
Andres Virile ,  Manly ,  A born warrior who is manly and brave
Angelo Gods messenger ,  They are the messengers as well as the angels of god
Anka Gracious ,  Merciful ,  A shining and gracious star
Ansel Noblemans follower ,  Slave of god and a protector
Antoine Worthy of admiration ,  Praise ,  Latin priceless inestimable ,  A variant of name is anthony
Antreas Warrior ,  A brave strong warrior
Armani Longing for ,  Faith ,  Persian desire ,  A variant form of name arman
Arran A person who lives on an island ,  Greatness
Aura Breeze ,  Cloud ,  Rain ,  They are soft and gentle breeze ,  Energetic and optimistic
Avidor Father of many ,  The one who is the father of multitude
Ayana Beautiful blossom ,  A pretty and scented flower
Bacchus Make a loud noise ,  Latin god of wine ,  A variant form of the greek name bakchos which means to shout
Beau Beautiful person ,  Handsome ,  Pretty ,  Beautiful gaze ,  Beautiful handsome
Benedetto The blessed one ,  Blessed ,  Similar to latin benedict
Bianca The white one ,  White ,  Light ,  Shining ,  A shakespearean baby name meaning tragedy of othello mistress of cassio
Blaine The color yellow ,  Thin lean slight
Bo Wavelike ,  Precious
Bolivar Mill on the shore ,  One who lives at the mill on the riverside
Bond Bound by loyalty ,  One who is a peasant who forks on a farm
Braden Son of bradan ,  One who is as sleek as a salmon
Brannon Little raven ,  A raven ,  A bird that resembles a crow
Cosette Unclear ,  Something that is small tiny and little
Frederica Calm monarch ,  Female version of frederic it refers to a peaceful person (or ruler)
Gable Tax collector ,  Gobler ,  Junior gabriel or son of gabriel
Gaetano From gaeta ,  Gaeta is my home town
Gaia From the earth ,  Refers to the planet where human being can be lived
Gaincarlo Free man ,  Italian gods gracious gift ,  Man ,  Name is combination of gianni and carlo
Gannon Fair haired ,  White haired ,  Light skinned ,  Fairskinned ,  Fair ,  The god of silence
Garland A triangular bit of land ,  Garlandmaker
Gaston Guest ,  Refers to a visitor or outsider
Gefen Vine
Gervais Servant of the spear ,  Refers to the supremacy of the spear
Gia God is merciful ,  Italian name meaning god is gracious
Giacobbe Following after ,  God may protect
Giacomo Following after ,  Italian name meaning to replace
Giancarlo God is merciful ,  Gods manly gift
Gianna God is merciful ,  Gianna is an italian female name the meaning of the name is the lord is gracious
Giles Wearer of goats skin ,  Giles is a male name and means young goat it has greek origins
Gina Queen ,  Powerful mother of black people ,  Well born ,  Race of women ,  Powerful woman ,  White wave ,  A girl from the farm ,  Virgin ,  Silvery ,  Pure ,  Variant of regina ,  Gina comes from a greek word and means well born
Ginger Ginger woman ,  The name ginger means virgin and is also associated with ginger flower
Giovanna God is merciful ,  Giovanna is an italian name that means the gift from god
Giovanni God is merciful ,  Giovanni is an italian name means a gift from god
Giselle Oath ,  Pledge or hostage
Giuliano Wearing a soft beard ,  Giuliano means young youthful
Giustina Fair ,  Rightful ,  The name giustina means just fair
Gustavo Staff of the gods ,  Gustavo means the royal staff or the servants of king