African Baby Names

We have 1022 African Baby Names in our list.

Diverse tribes across the continent from places like the Sahara Desert, Serengeti, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, provide a wealth of naming heritage representing great warriors, beauty, and traditions passed down through generations.

Aasir One with a captivating and fascinating personality
Aba African akan girl born on thursday ,  Abah abba and abbah are variant spellings of the name aba
Abana This biblical name means strong personality made with a stone
Abbo A condiment (mudama origin)
Abdalah The servant of god
Abdalala The slave of the high
Abdalalim The servant of the allknowing
Abdalla Servant of god ( swahili origin ) ,  Servant of god ,  Servant of allah
Abdi Abbreviated form of abdul ,  Originated from hebrew origin and means servant of god or a slave
Abdou Great ability to focus on each work ,  Variant of name abdo
Abdu Worshiper of god (swahili origin ) ,  Worshipper of god
Abdulkareem Generous ,  One who serves a generous man ,  Servant of allah ,  A follower who serves gracious noble and generous
Abdulkhaaliq Servant of the creator ,  Built from arabic words abd al and khaliq that means servant of creator
Abdullateef One who serves a kind man ,  Servant of the subtle ,  A devoted follower who helps kind man
Abdulmateen Servant of the firm ,  Strong ,  A person who serves all strong and powerful personalities
Abdulmuiz The name is originated as african name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty ,  Unique personality who serves those individuals that gives up life for the almighty
Abdulraheem Servant of the most compassionate ,  A servant of the most concerned and kind one
Abdulrahmaan Servant of the mercifully gracious ,  In islam it means servant of the most gracious
Abdulraouf Servant of the most merciful ,  A devoted supporter who supports or serves the most merciful kindhearted
Abdulsaboor Servant of the patient ,  Arabic originated name means servant of the patients
Abdultawaab Servant of the forgiver ,  Individuality who is a forgiver of sins and accepter of repentance
Abdulwaahid Servant of the one ,  A servant of the god or unique one
Abdulwahaab Servant of the giver ,  A servant of the provider contributor or benefactor
Abeba African amharic flower ,  Abeada and abyda are variant transcriptions of the name
Abedi Worshipper
Abeer Fragrance ,  Colour ,  Variant of abir
Abena African akan girl born on tuesday ,  Abana abeena and abeenah are variant spellings of the name abena
Abeni African yoruban we asked for her now she is ours ,  Someone who is prayed for ,  A variant of name abena
Abiba African the first child born after death of grandmother ,  Abeaba and abeabah are the variant spellings of abiba
Abimbola Rich child ,  Born wealthy
Abiola (african yoruban) born in honor ,  Born during the first days
Abiona One who is born during a journey
Abioye The son of royalty ,  A variant of abiola
Abla A wild rose ( swahili origin ) ,  African akan girl born on tuesday ,  Has an arabic meaning as voluptuous
Abraha A girl who born on tuesday
Absco One with an inventive mind
Absko Power and strength
Abuchi A nobel god or the nobility of a god
Abuya One who was born when the garden was overgrown
Achebe One who is protected by the goddess
Achieng One born during the day time
Adabelle From the beautiful scenery ,  In hebrew it means adornment in german it means noble in african it means oldest daughter
Adaeh Crowned or chosen or pinnacle of a peak
Adamma African child of beauty ,  Beautiful girl
Adana African being the fathers daughter ,  A variant of name adanna
Adanna Fathers loving daughter ,  One who is the loving daughter of a father ,  Fathers pride ,  Fathers daughter given to the elder sister of a girl
Adanne African being the mothers daughter ,  A child who resembles her mother ,  A variant of name adane
Addiah In hebrew it means ornament of god in swahili it means gift from god
Addo Happy ,  Ornament ,  King of the path (african)
Ade Man of nobility ,  African crown royal peak ,  Hebrew man
Adeben Th born child african akan
Adebola African honor is brought to her ,  She met honor
Adebowale Return of the crown ,  Refers to a child born after many years of waiting
Ademola Crown is added to my wealth
Adenike The crown is loving ,  Affectionate ,  Crown has care ,  Wealth has care ,  Crown is cherished
Adeola Crown has wealth ,  Crown has honor
Adetokunbo A nigerian name of yoruba decent ade means crown