African American Baby Names

We have 29 African American Baby Names in our list.

Afternoon A very rare name suitable for one who is creative risk taker practical art lover and likes challenges
Cleavon Cliff ,  A rock at the edge of a sea
Elroy The king ,  A redhaired youth who is a king
Haben Pride pleasure satisfaction
Ilina My god is yahweh
Kalisha Fortunate woman ,  Kalisha means noble and kind variant of the name alisha
Kaseko Mock ,  Ridicule ,  To mock or ridicule someone
Lashawn God is merciful ,  A person who has felt the graciousness of the god
Lashonda God is merciful ,  Modern name made of names shona god is gracious and rhonda good spear
Latanya Unclear ,  Combinatin of the prefix la and name tanya that means the establisher
Latasha Birthday of christ ,  Combination of the prefix la and tasha that means birthday
Lateisha A feeling oof happiness and joy
Latesha One who is high spirits happy and joyous
Latonya Invaluable ,  From the name tonya with the popular prefix la
Latrell Kings property ,  Variation of the name lntrell meaning kings estate by adding la
Latricia Form of name patricia added popular prefix la
Lavar Unclear ,  Lavar is a name popular among african americans
Marquita From the border ,  A noble title that means march borderland
Martinique She is a slodier of mars
Shalonda Violet flower ,  A made up name means peace and violete
Shalonna One fierce and strong as a lioness
Shandi A familiar form of shana
Shanika Unclear ,  Good ,  The graciousness of the god
Shanique The god is giving
Shanita She is a gods gift
Swintayla A modern rare africanamerican name meaning a sweet one
Talisa A form of tallis
Talisha Fortunate woman ,  A form os talisa