American Baby Names

We have 1345 American Baby Names in our list.

We have a large list of United States of America's most common & unique names. American baby names are Christian mostly. We have collected American Christian baby names for you.

Aace The word aace in america means unity it also implies to luck and excellence
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of alphabet
Abeque A person who loves to stay at home
Abriella One who is derived from god or the pillar of strength
Aby Father of multitude or masses
Acalan A small narrow and long rowing boat
Acamapichtli Handful of reeds ,  A handful of reeds or long grass
Adaline A noble or kindhearted person
Addisyn The son of addie or adam
Adica The mothers choice
Aerilyn The beautiful or pleasant air
Aiden Born of fire ,  Little fire
Aiyanna Eternal blossom everlasting bloom
Aj Combination of letters a and j ,  Powerful and complete
Ajarae A made up name name of an actor
Alivia Olive ,  Alivia is olive tree
Allston Noble ones settlement
Almanzo The explanation given by laura ingalls wilder for her husband almanzos name is that it was derived from an arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of almansour meaning the victorious an alternative derivation is of old german origin meani
Alpha An excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualities
Alyson Adaptable adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedom
Amberleigh The sky ,  The one who is immortal and has a friendly poised and affectionate nature
Ameera Rich woman ,  Leader ,  Also a variant of amira ,  Well populated ,  A leader a princess by birth who is prosperous and at the top of a tree
Amelia Hardworking ,  Trustworthy ,  Beautiful ,  The one who is industrious hard working and fertile
Amelie A mighty hard working defender
Angelos They are charming angels of god sent from heaven
Annis Sacred ,  Chaste ,  The holy one who is pure
Annissa Friendly ,  Congenial ,  A true compannion who is pure and charming
Anson Son of agnes ,  The son of god ,  He is very strong and a famous bearer
Antoinette Invaluable ,  Queen of france ,  Beautiful flower
Aria Air ,  Aryan ,  Gentle music ,  Brings rain ,  Man ,  Pledge ,  Feminine of arien ,  Melody ,  The one who is lion of the lords ,  Air song or melody
Armando Army man ,  Great warrior and a happy army man
Arnold As powerful as an eagle ,  Strong like an eagle
Arvin Friend to all ,  Experiment ,  Trial ,  A friend of the eagle
Astghik American name derived from astgh which means a little star
Auner An adventurous ,  They are sophisticated beings
Auria Soft wind ,  Aura of positivity
Auriar Cold and gentle breeze filled with music
Austen One who has a great and magnificient personality
Avabelle One who has a beautiful live ,  Breathing in life
Averi A strongwitted individual who is ambitious
Aydan One who is born out of fire ,  Impusive
Ayden Determined ,  One who is bron out of fire
Bailei A warrant officer of a judge
Banner A colonial origin banner meaning flag
Banning Small and fair ,  One who reads the banns ,  Blond child ,  Small fair one or son of the fair one
Barbi Traveler from a foreign land ,  In catholic custom st barbara is a protectors against fire and lightning ,  Strange ,  Foreign
Barbie Stranger ,  Foreigner ,  Derived from barbara ,  Traveler from a foreign land
Bard Battle against peace ,  Poet ,  Minstrel ,  A singerpoet ,  One who sings ballads
Bardalph Ax wolf
Bardan Lives near the boars den ,  From the
Barden From the valley of barley ,  Lives near the boars den ,  Boars den
Bardene From the boar valley
Bardo Variant of bartholomew ,  Son of the earth
Bardolf Axewolf
Bardolph Axewolf
Bardon Minstrel ,  Singerpoet ,  Barley valley
Barlow Clearing of barley ,  Lives on the bare hill ,  Place name ,  The bare hillside