German Baby Names

We have 1931 German Baby Names in our list.

Aada Aada has a meaning of noble or a noble one in germany word aada means adornment or a first born
Aadelheide Estonian form of alice meaning noble
Aadne In german language aadne means eagle in norway it is the varient spelling of adne
Aalis A form of alice meaning noble
Aaron Mountain of strength ,  Exalted one ,  High mountain ,  Enlightened ,  Messenger (hebrew) ,  Enlighted ,  From the old testament aaron
Aart As powerful as an eagle ,  Celtic stone ,  Bear ,  German thor ,  The eagle ,  A variant form of arthur
Abbe Nobleman ,  My father is joyful ,  A variant of abby
Abbey Intelligent ,  Beautiful ,  Father ,  My father is light
Abbot Father ,  Priest ,  A variant of abba
Abbott Father ,  Fatherpreist ,  Father of abbey
Abelard Originated from german language which means resolute and stubborn
Abelino Bird ,  Means unsure pet form of avila
Abell Exhalation of breath ,  A variant of abel
Abidin Hebrew father of knowledge ,  My father knows
Abie Father of many ,  Diminutive of abraham
Abijah God is my father ,  The lord is my father ,  Gift of god ,  Yahweh is my father ,  Gift of god hebrew yahweh is my father
Abramo High father ,  Father of a multitude
Absalom God the father of peace ,  Hebrew meaning god the father is peace
Absalon God the father is peace
Achaz Hebrew god is holding ,  One that takes or possesses
Achim Constructed by god ,  Hebrew yahewh will establish ,  A name variant of joachim
Acwulf A wolf from the oak meadows
Ad Arabic settler ,  German noble wolf ,  Son of the red earth ,  Son of adam
Ada Graceful ,  Noble ,  Fulfilling a duty ,  Paying ,  Kind ,  Nobility ,  The oldest daughter ,  Happy ,  Ornament ,  Child of the red earth ,  Brightness ,  Prosperous ,  Style ,  Prosperous happy
Adabelle From the beautiful scenery ,  In hebrew it means adornment in german it means noble in african it means oldest daughter
Adahlia A noble person or a flower
Adaire Wealthy spear or oak grove
Adal Noble ,  Precious ,  In german it means noble in arabic it means justice
Adalaide The nobility or the sort of noble person
Adalbeorht The bright shining noble person
Adalbert Germanic (nobly famous) ,  Noble ,  Honorable ,  Famous
Adalbrecht The bright or posibbily shining noble person
Adalbrechta A bright noble person
Adalee A noble wood or the nobility of wood
Adaleigh One who is honourable and full of morals
Adalena In german it means noble in hebrew it means god is just
Adalfieri An oath of a noble person
Adalgar A noble or wealthy spearman
Adalhard A brave and tough noble person
Adalheid Golden
Adalheida A sweet and noble lady
Adali A noble girl full of moral values
Adalia Just noble one
Adalicia One who is of noble nature nobility
Adalie A kind or a kindhearted person
Adalina Germanic noble ,  Honorable ,  Of a noble kind ,  Hebrew ornament ,  Its form of name adela ,  A variant spelling is adeline
Adaliz A sort of kind or noble person
Adallina A person who is noble
Adalric A wealthy or rich noble person
Adalrik A noble or kind ruler
Adalwen The noble companion or friend
Adalwin The victory of a noble person
Adalwine A friend who is kind and noble
Adalwolf A noble wolf
Adalwolfa A wolf who is noble
Adaly In german it means honourable in hebrew it means ornamental shine
Adalyn Germanic noble ,  Honorable ,  Of a noble kind ,  Hebrew ornament ,  Its form of name adela ,  A variant spelling is adelaide