Igbo Baby Names

We have 190 Igbo Baby Names in our list.

Abaeze Branch of the kings
Achebe One who is protected by the goddess
Achike Give praise to god
Adaego Daughter of wealth
Adaeze Princess daughter of the king
Adaku A girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family
Adanna Fathers loving daughter ,  One who is the loving daughter of a father ,  Fathers pride ,  Fathers daughter given to the elder sister of a girl
Adaobi The first daughter in the family compound
Adaolisa Gods daughter
Adaugo Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle
Adaure Daughter of uruala a town in imo state
Addana The younger sister of a girl
Afamefuna My name will not be lost
Ahunna One with the body of her father
Akachukwu The hand of god
Akuada A girl born into a wealthy family
Akumjeli I will enjoy that wealth
Akunna Fathers wealth
Akwaugo My precious daughter
Amaka God is gorgeous ,  Queen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by nature
Amandi Trust no one one who doesnt trust anyone easily
Amaogechukwu Lords time is the best
Amara Elegance ,  Grace ,  Immortal ,  Grass ,  Immortal one ,  Aid ,  Assistance ,  Steadfast ,  Lovely forever ,  Imperishable ,  Bitter ,  Immortal being ,  One who is blessed without end or death ,  Blessed with eternal life ,  Grace or bitter
Amobi Who knows the heart of man
Anozie We are now settled or well positioned
Anwuli Joy a joyous and happy girl
Anwulichukwu Joy of the lord
Anwulika My joy is great or joy is greater
Apunanwu A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun
Arinzechukwu Thanks be to god
Azubuike Strength gained from experiences of the past
Binyelum Stay with me
Bunkechukwu The one who belongs to god
Chetachi One who always remembers god
Chetachukwu One who always remembers god
Chiagozie God has blessed me
Chiasoka God is too sweet
Chiazokam God has saved me well
Chibinobim God dwells in my heart
Chibuike God is strength
Chibuikem God is my power
Chibundo God is my shelter
Chibundu God is life
Chibunna God is my father
Chibuogu God is my strength
Chibuzor God first or god leads
Chichima A sweet and precious girl
Chidiadi There is god
Chidiebere God is merciful
Chidiebube God is glorious and great
Chidindu Show the world that god is alive
Chidozie May god fix it and make it good for me
Chiekezie God has made it good for me
Chiemeka God has done well
Chiemelie God has won
Chiemezie God has made it good for me
Chikanma God is better than any other thing