Israeli Baby Names

We have 114 Israeli Baby Names in our list.

Abidan My father is judge
Achima He will establish
Adam Man ,  A prophets name ,  Man earth
Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Ahiram Brother of the exalted
Alatan Strength a strong one
Alitza Joy
Allonia Oak tree
Amarya The word god
Ammi My people
Ammital He who is truthful
Anani Cloud
Anath The answer
Anshil A blessed and happy soul
Ariel Gods lion ,  Lion of god
Arles Pledge
Ataret Someone who is being crowned
Avigayil One who is a happy father and provides joy
Avimelech My father is king
Ayalon Deer or gazelle
Ayelet A gazelle
Azareel Help of god
Azaziah Strength of yahweh
Azrail The angel of death
Bathshua Variant of bathsheba
Beriah Beriah means calamity or misfortune in hebrewberyiah or beriah means healthy sound fit well hale lusty bonny ,  Stout robust ,  Wholesome nutritious healthful hearty (laugh) beriah can refer to several different biblical figures beriah can be
Berura She who is pure
Bethuel Man of god
Bladen Knife
Chagai Festive
Chania Encampment or resting place
Chaviv He who is beloved
Chayyim Life
Chiram An exalted and noble being
Choni A gracious being
Dafne Laurel tree
Daganyah Ceremonial grain
Daliah Gentle one
Daniyyel God is my judge
David Adored ,  A beloved friend
Derora Freedom
Dikla Palm tree
Dothan Law
Eiran He who is awake and vigilant
Eitan Cope with ,  Endure ,  One who is steady and very bold
Elazaro God has helped
Eliphelet My god is deliverance
Elishama God hears everyone
Eliyyahu The lord is my god
Elnatan Gift of god
Eshakol A grape cluster
Evenezer Foundation stone
Ghila Joy and happiness
Gilana My joy is eternal
Hasida She who is righteous
Hessye Star
Hilla Timid