Italian Baby Names

We have 1174 Italian Baby Names in our list.

Italian Baby Names have unique importance. The best food, wine, fashion, soccer and architecture – Italy has it all. From the birthplace of Renaissance, Michelangelo, pizza and opera comes the naming tradition as old and classical as Ancient Rome itself!

Aberesh Derived from medieval form of albanian in southern italy communities
Abramo High father ,  Father of a multitude
Abriana Female variant of abraham that means father of multitude
Acciai The occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axe
Achille Old greek pain ,  Lipless ,  Variant of achilles
Adalberto Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  The bright noble or the shining noble
Adalgisa Noble hostage
Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Adelina Graceful ,  Noble ,  A form of adeline
Adelmo Strong ,  Persistent ,  A hard and preserving noble
Adriana From hadria
Adriano From hadria ,  Latin man from hadria ,  Dark one ,  A variant form of adrian
Adrina A short form of adriana
Aelda A warrior one who fights war
Agata Goodhearted ,  One who is good at heart and mind pure kind gentle and a nature lover
Agnella Chaste
Agnello Lamb
Agnesina A pure and virginal woman
Agostino Venerated
Agustino Deserving respect ,  Adoration ,  Italian form of augustinus
Agusto Deserving respect ,  Venerated ,  Majestic ,  Dignified
Aida One who returns ,  Visiting ,  Noble ,  Nobility ,  Reward ,  Present ,  Helper ,  Something of value given in return of some thing good reward in some cases it means return
Alba Fair ,  White ,  Sunrise
Alcina A sorceress who rules over a magical strongwilled
Aldina Old friend who deserves best in life
Aldo Very old ,  Something old archaic
Ale Defender of man
Alessa Protector of humanity ,  Noble one
Alessandra Protector of humanity ,  Form of alexandra
Alessandro Defender of men ,  Old greek defender of men ,  A variant of name alexander
Alessia Greek defender ,  Defender of men ,  Protector of mankind ,  A form of alexandra
Alessio Protector of mankind
Alexius Old greek defender ,  A variant of name alexis
Alf Gothic noble and ready ,  English inspired advice ,  Old peace derived from the element alfr which means elf ,  A variant of name alfonso and alfie
Alfio Fair skinned ,  Fair skinned blond skinned
Alfons Gothic noble and ready ,  A variant form of the name alfonso
Alfonso Noble ,  Prepared ,  Ready prepared organized
Alfonsus Gothic noble and ready ,  A variant form of the name alfonso
Alford English old river crossing orford ,  Old english inspired advice old peace ,  A variant of name alfred
Alfredo Advice from elves ,  Alfredo is elf peace
Alfric Elf king ,  A variant of name aelfric
Alfrid Wise counselor ,  Old english elf counsel ,  A variant of name alfred
Alice Noble ,  Graceful ,  Truth gracious reality
Allegra Happy ,  Joyous ,  Joy delight joyfulness
Allegro Brisk sprightly ,  Has a great sense of humour
Alma Caring ,  Fostering ,  Soul ,  With dark red lips ,  Nourishing soul ,  All good ,  Giving nurture ,  Kind ,  Apple
Alonso Gothic noble and ready ,  A variant form of the name alfonso
Alonza Prompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings
Alonzo Noble ,  Prepared ,  An inspirational dashing noble with sophisticated charm
Alphonso A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war
Alphonsus Gothic noble and ready ,  A variant form of the name alfonso
Alvar Elf warrior ,  Old english elf army supernatural army ,  Gothic guard for all ,  A variant of name alvaro
Alvino A white and fair noble friend who is attracted to the mysteries of the nature
Amadea Female form of amadeus they are the one who is gods beloved
Amadeo Gods love ,  Love of god ,  A variant of name amadeu which is derived from latin amare to love and deus god
Amalia Hardworking ,  A fertile hard working female who is defender of mankind
Amanda One who deserves love ,  Active ,  The one who is made for love and respect who are active and bright