Japanese Baby Names

We have 585 Japanese Baby Names in our list.

Find Japanese names from our top list of Japanese boy names and Japanese girl names. Japan's traditional culture of honor, loyalty, and devotion have existed since 10,000 BC. Their names embody ancient beliefs and share artistic forms like haiku poetry, gardening, architecture and, noble lifestyles such as the Samurai Bushido Code.

Ahmya In japanese it means black rain in spanish it means higher ground
Ai Lovable ,  Love affection
Aia One who is famous ruler of the house
Aika Love song
Aiko Love affection
Aina Beautiful eyed woman ,  Lightning ,  The only one ,  Pure ,  Virginal ,  Joy ,  Forever ,  Always
Ainu Goddess of fertility ,  Human like
Aito Darling child ,  Sea ocean combined with (to) that refers to a chinesee constellation or (to) meaning soar fly
Akane Someone you cannot stop loving ,  Brilliant red ,  Madder ,  Red dye
Akari Light ,  Brightness
Aki Pure milk ,  Short form of joakim ,  Autumn ,  Bright ,  Japanese sparkle ,  Clear ,  Morning sun ,  Smart ,  A short form of name akira
Akiara A bright person
Akiko Clear crystal or bright ,  Sparkling and beautiful autumn season
Akio Bright man ,  Bright man manly hero
Akira Clear ,  Intelligent ,  A natural ,  Graceful strength ,  Bright clear and intelligent being
Akito Bright person ,  Who is like autumn season
Amaya Night rain ,  The beautiful night rain
Ami Nectar ,  My people ,  Dearly loved ,  Beauty ,  Friend ,  Loved ,  Tears ,  Hebrew lord of my people ,  It is a variant of name amiel
Andrea Daring ,  Feminine of andrew ,  A defender of mankind who is manly and strong
Anzu An apricot ,  A sweet child
Aoi Holly flower
Aoki An evergreen blue tree
Arata A fresh and new individual
Arisu Righteouskind
Asa Tribal healer ,  Similar to ,  Like ,  Physician and a healer ,  Like a doctor
Asahi Morning sun
Asami Morning beauty
Asas Physician and a healer ,  A beautiful morning
Asuga Swift like a wind
Asuka Perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow
Aya Design colorful or beautiful it also means bees in old german
Ayaka A coloured flower ,  Scented
Ayame Iris ,  The one who can see perfectly
Ayane A colorful sound ,  They are wonderful
Ayeka They have quick and analytical mind
Ayumi A who walks their own path
Ayumu One who has a dream and a vision
Bashira Bringer of good tidings ,  Joy ,  Joyful ,  Predictor of good news
Chiaki Sparkling light
Chibi Cute ,  Japanese short person or small child
Chiharu Springs and clear skies
Chihiro Thousand springs
Chika Filled with wisdom and intellect
Chikafusa The close one
Chikao A clever and wise individual
Chiko A pledge
Chimon Gate of wisdom
Chizue Long life or endurance or durability
Cho Butterfly ,  A flying insect that feasts on nectar
Chouko Butterfly ,  An insect that feeds on nectar of flowers
Chuya Something that is pure and clear like water
Dai A shining individual
Daichi Impressive ,  Grand first son ,  From the earth
Daido The greatest way possible
Daiki Impressive ,  Grand tree ,  The noble one ,  Filled with radiance and light
Daisuke Impressive ,  Great help ,  The large one
Danno Gathering ,  To put together