Saxon Baby Names

We have 38 Saxon Baby Names in our list.

Aedith A riches and blessed war
Aeditha The war or riches and blessed
Aeldret A wise person an advisor
Aesc The ash tree or the tree of ash
Aesca A girl from the ash tree
Aescby One who lives by the ash tree
Aescford A water stream by the ash tree
Aeschild The child from the ash tree
Aescla One who is from the ash tree farm
Aescleah The forest of ash tree
Aesclin One who belongs to the farm of ash tree
Aesctun The town by the ash tree
Brihthere The bright or shining army
Brihtiua The brightness of a person
Brihtiue The bright or the brightness
Ceawa The tree of a man
Fromund The lord who protects
Gedla One who belongs to the place called gedling
Hamlin Home ,  Little homelover
Leuthere An anglosexon bishop of winchester
Mildgyth A tender gift a small one
Mildoina A mild power of someone
Mildraed Someone of little strength
Mildred Soft strength ,  A mild strength person
Mildryth A person of gentle strength
Millard Mill guard ,  A guardian or a caretaker of mill
Milred A strength that is very gentle
Offa The person who supports others or to the fulfillment of a need
Oger A person with the newest or freshest hair
Segovax A good sea or sea for good
Selewine A friend of rock who befriended a rock
Tateleigh A glad or cheerful person of the woods
Tidhelm The time for the cattle shelter
Tidin One who is riding or clearing
Tidsige The time for victory
Torhtsige The victory of thunder god
Totta A pet name means bright helmet