Baby Names Starting with A

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Aaaqil One who is wise and intelligent
Aaarabisk A person who is wishful and healthy
Aaarti Worship ,  Pleasing the god
Aab Shine
Aaban Name of the angel th persian month angel of iron name aban also in some cases has the meaning spontaneous and versatile
Aabavaanan Reliable or responsible ,  Implies a person who is responsible and reliable
Aabdar Glassy ,  Shiny clean ,  Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means moon light early quick it is derived from the bdr root which is used in the quran in verse in the word badr which means full moon and is the name of a famous battle
Aabha Glow ,  Splendour ,  Light ,  Brilliance ,  Bright and radiant ,  Glorious
Aabharan Jewel ,  Jewel, a variant form of name abharan
Aabharana Jewel ,  Aabharna signifies valuables jewels ornaments it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity happiness and honour
Aabhas The sense or feelings ,  Sense or feelings has a sanskrit meaning as realization
Aabhass Awareness ,  A variant name of abhas which means realization
Aabhavannan Light ,  Also means torch bearer who brings light
Aabheer A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd in sanskrit it also means one who is fearless
Aabher A cowherd ,  Means a cowherd and is variant form of name aabheer
Aabid Worshiper ,  One who worship allah ,  God knows ,  The word aabid means powerful complete worshipper of allah it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies
Aabida Worshiper ,  Devotee ,  Devout ,  This can be the female case of name aabid it means worshiper devotee adorer
Aabidah Worshipper
Aabideen Worshipers ,  Zainul abidin is a islam name for baby boy and meaning is ornament of the worshippers it is probably taken from early islamic leader zainul abidin
Aabir Fragrance ,  Scent ,  Aroma
Aabirah Fleeting ,  Transitory ,  Ephemeral ,  Something that is fleeting transitory ephemeral
Aabis Austere ,  Stern ,  Aabis has the meaning of lucky it also means grimfaced fiercefaced the boy named aabis seems to be fortunate meeting with good success
Aabish Queen of iran ,  Daughter of saad ,  Name of sads daughter also the name of a queen of iran
Aabraham Estonian spelling for abraham it means father of many
Aabroo Honour ,  Fame ,  Dignity ,  Prestige
Aace The word aace in america means unity it also implies to luck and excellence
Aachalendra The word aachalendra means himalayas it signifies the person to be strong unchallengeable
Aacharappan Restless or proactive
Aacharya Teacher ,  Another name for drona ,  Means learned teacher ,  A variant of sanskrit name acharya ,  Another name of drona
Aachman Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja
Aad Aad in islams means the man and on the other hand in sikhs its a girl name meaning in the beginning
Aada Aada has a meaning of noble or a noble one in germany word aada means adornment or a first born
Aadab Hope and need ,  Name aadab has a meaning of hope and need the person who brings hope to the family
Aadalarasan Attraction ,  Means attraction ,  One who attracts with his dance ,  It also represents one of many lord shivas name in tamil
Aadalarasu King of dance ,  Means king of dance in tamil ,  Represents lord shivas name as nataraja who is considered the lord of dance
Aadam Variant of adam ,  The biblical adam is the english language equivalent ,  Malay version of adam meaning father of mankind
Aadarsh Ideal ,  Means one who has principles in sanskrit ideal man ,  A variant form of name adarsh
Aadarsha Ideal ,  One who is ideal optimal and perfect
Aadavan Sun
Aaddhar Foundation ,  Foundation ground work of anything base of life
Aadeel Just ,  Aadeel means righteous and just it also means one who acts with justice and fairness moderate virtuous excellent in character
Aadeep Light ,  Light spiritual illumination a source of radiance
Aadelheide Estonian form of alice meaning noble
Aaden Aaden means fire and flame ,  Warmth of the home
Aadesh Command ,  Message ,  Means instruction in sanskrit
Aadeshwar Aadeshwar is a south indian name that means god or the won who is in a high position of authority
Aadh Aadh as a word means half
Aadhan Be first
Aadhana Being first
Aadhar Base ,  Brilliant like the sun ,  A variant of sanskrit name aaddhar
Aadhav Ruler ,  Ruler a person who rules or governs
Aadhavan Sun ,  Brilliant like the sun ,  Lord vishnu ,  Lord vishnu a variant of name aadavan
Aadhaya First power
Aadhi Aadhi means beginning it sometimes also means friendly imagination creativity expression energetic
Aadhikara Lord shiva ,  Lord shiva a variant of sanskrit name adhikara which means principal
Aadhikesavan One who is ideal for others
Aadhila The name aadhila means honesty the one who is scrupulous with regards to telling the truth