Baby Names Starting with C

We have 2954 Baby Names Starting with C in our list.

Caarlo Settlement of free men
Cab One who makes ropes
Cabail A man who makes ropes
Cabal A small secret group of people
Cabbrieli Sicilian form of gabriel meaning god is my strong man
Cabe He who is a ropemaker
Cabell A name of a ropemaker
Cable A person who makes ropes
Cabot One who loves to sail
Cabott A man who is a sailor
Cabrini An italian surname meaning one who sails
Caca Daughter of vukan
Cacamwri Servant
Cace A man who is observant and alert
Cache A place where things are stored
Cachet A desirable and prestigious woman
Cactus A desert plant
Cacumattus A very old and rare name
Cada An animal who is an orphan
Cadal He is a warrior at heart
Cadan A variant of cadell and kaden it means battle or companion
Cadassi To have something with the sea
Cade Circular ,  To fight in a small battle
Cadee The rhythmic flow of the sunds
Cadel A great battle
Cadelaria A woman born in the candlemas
Cadell One with the battle spirit
Caden Son of cadan ,  An invented name with no meaning
Cadence Beat ,  Rhythm ,  A rhytmic woman one with the beat
Cadenza A rhythmic woman
Cadfael The prince of the battle
Cadfan The peak of the battle
Cadhla A handsome and goodlooking man
Cadi Luck ,  A woman who is pure
Cadie She who is pure
Cadmael War chief ,  The chieftain of the war
Cadman Warrior ,  One who is a soldier a warrior
Cadmon A warrior soldier in the battle
Cadog To be in the battle
Cadogan To find honor in the battle
Cadrasva A hindi name for boys
Cadwal The battle leader commander
Cadwalader He will lead us into the battle
Cadwaladr A battle leader used as a surname
Cadwallader He who leads to battle
Cadwgan The glorious one in the battle
Cadwgon To have glory in the battle
Cadwur Warrior or soldier
Cadwyn One who is chained
Cadyn Cadans male child
Caecca A british male name
Caeden A modern made up name
Caedmon Warrior ,  One who fights in the battle
Caega A sanish male name
Caege A male name of spanish origin
Cael Slim ,  A slender person
Caela A woman who is slender