Baby Names Starting with D

We have 3007 Baby Names Starting with D in our list.

Da Accomplishing ,  To attain
Daa Another name for prophet muhammad
Daafi One who keeps away ,  One who prevents
Daai Another name for prophet muhammad ,  Prophet muhammad
Daaim Lasting personality
Daaiyah The one who follows christ
Daajiyah Living well off
Daamin Guarantor ,  Surety ,  Guarantee and surety
Daaminee Lightning
Daamodar A name of krishna ,  Rope around waist ,  God krishna
Daan The lord is my judge ,  God is a judge
Daana A knowledgeable person
Daanaa An intelligent person ,  Wise
Daaneesh Filled with wisdom
Daania Beautiful person
Daanish Full of knowledge
Daanveera Charitable ,  One who is generous and kind in his deed
Daaood Name of a prophet
Daarina Lovely and beautiful
Daaruk Charioteer of krishna ,  Tree ,  Lord krishnas charioteer
Daarun Strong ,  A strong man
Daavi Daavi is a form of david and means beloved
Daavid A beloved friend
Dab Servant of god
Dabaran The one who is behind
Dabbah Latch ,  Door lock ,  Latch or door lock
Dabbs The one from albinius
Dabeer Judge ,  Willing spark ,  Famous poet who lament
Dabeet Warrior ,  Brave and courageous
Daberechi Lean on god one who is dependent on god
Dabhit A hermit praised in the vedas
Dabiku Offering
Dabir Secretary ,  Writer ,  Teacher ,  A brilliant teacher
Dabistan Garden
Dabney White settlement ,  Judge ,  One who imparts justice
Dabnshu Filled with love
Daboor Morning breeze ,  Soothing morning breeze
Dabora A bee
Dac The one of practical nature
Daca Dramatic and easy going
Dace One from the south ,  Noble
Dacey Adored ,  The one from noble background
Dachen Great joy
Daci Possibility ,  Providing hope
Dacia A woman from dacia ,  The one from south
Dacian Name of an ancient place
Daciana Roman name ,  Full of strength
Dacio From arcy
Dack One with deep inner sense
Dad To praise ,  To justice ,  It is suffix names ,  God is a father
Dada One with wavy hair ,  One with curly hair
Dadafarin The one created by justice
Dadbandad One who always conforms to the rules and regulations
Dadburzin One who has been exalted by the law
Dade Dark one
Dadheechi Divine rishi ,  One who has attained enlightment
Dadhush Born intelligent ,  Someone who is born intelligent