Baby Names Starting with N

We have 2216 Baby Names Starting with N in our list.

Na An elegant or smooth person
Naabhi Centre of body ,  An ancient king ,  The middle part of the body
Naabih Wellknown celebrated notable bright
Naade A boy who is born in royalty
Naadhira Blooming ,  Flourishing ,  A prospering or blossoming person
Naadhirah (naazirah) one with healthy and happy looks ,  A bright face reflecting luster and freshness
Naadia Hope ,  A gem or child of brightness
Naadim Repentant ,  Regretful ,  A repentant or remorseful individual
Naadir Dear ,  Rear ,  Rare ,  A beloved or rare a precious one
Naadira A rare specie the most precious
Naadirah Rare ,  Choice ,  Precious
Naadiya Caller ,  Announcer ,  The one who calls or the one who announce
Naafiah Profitable ,  Advantagious ,  Useful ,  Beneficial ,  Good
Naag A big serpent ,  The huge snake a serpent
Naagarjun An ancient philosopher ,  The superior among the serpents
Naagbaalaa Girl with a snake ,  Sweet
Naagchand Snake ,  The serpent the serpent possessor
Naagdhar One who wears cobra ,  Refers to the lord shiva who wears the cobra around his neck
Naagendra King of the serpents ,  The lord of the peak of serpents
Naagraj King of serpents ,  Sheshnaag ,  The monarch of the serpents
Naaheed Elevated ,  Venus ,  The star venus an elevated person
Naaib A representative or a leader
Naail Wage earner receiver award capacity
Naaila The person with the record of victories
Naailah Earner ,  Winner
Naairah Bright ,  Shining
Naaja Gull seagull
Naaji A valuable or favourable person
Naajia Free ,  Escaped ,  The one who is self governing
Naajidah Courageous ,  A lady who accomplishes difficult or takes libertasks ,  One who appeals for help ties ,  As brave as a lioness
Naajiya One who saves oneself ,  One who gets salvation
Naajy Safe ,  Free from danger or the threat of damage
Naak Golden
Naakaiah A virtuous pure a faithful person
Naal Name of a saint ,  A wellknown birth that is highly celebrated
Naamadhar The protector or defender of the name
Naamadol Firming in name the firm name
Naamah Agreeable ,  Lovely ,  Pleasant ,  Melodiousness beauty and splendour
Naaman Pleasant ,  The person who is being harmony with his taste or likings
Naamanand The one who finds ecstasy in name
Naambir The bold one who think of the lord
Naamcheet The one who is remembering the name of the lord
Naamchetan The one who is alert of name
Naamdarshan The revelation of the name
Naamdev Name of a saint ,  A writer or a saint
Naamdhan The person who is receiving the fortune of the name
Naamdharam The spiritual celebration of name
Naamdheer The one who is committed to his name
Naamdhian The person is engaged with his name
Naamdhun The tune or song of the name
Naamgeet The tunes and melodies of name
Naamjas Recommendations of name
Naamjeev Fascinated by the name
Naamjeevan One who possess only the name in his life
Naamjodh The soldier who is engaged in name
Naamjog Coming together with name who love the name
Naamjot Bright or nimble of the name