Baby Names Starting with O

We have 1070 Baby Names Starting with O in our list.

Oadira Powerful ,  Potent ,  The female variant of mohan that means charming or infatuating
Oaghavanth King ,  Ruler ,  Emperor ,  Leader ,  Chief
Oaisara Empress ,  Wife of caesar ,  An arabic word that means the sword from india
Oak A sanskrit word that means adorable charming beautiful
Oakden It is referring to the hindu deity lord ram as the infatuated person
Oakland An enchanting brave person
Oaklee The servant of lord krishna (a hindu deity)
Oakleigh South indian variant of mohandas that means servant of lord krishna
Oakley From an oak tree forest ,  A charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light
Oakleyl One who cleans the oak meadows
Oakly Kind and compassionate lord krishna
Oaklyn American invented name
Oaklynn American invented name
Oaks The charming lord the god is fascinating
Oalo Small
Oamra The moon ,  Fascinating win or a fascinating winner
Oana A very fascinating light a light full of charm
Oanez She who is chaste
Oasis One who merged into lord krishna one who sacrificed himself to krishna
Oayth The protector or the guardian or the charming
Oba The king
Obadiah Refers to the lover of a charming person also the one who loves krishna
Obafemi The king loves me
Obaidiyah The charming and fascinating lord ram
Obama The enchanting support to someone
Oban An enchanting brave person who is infatuated for his bravery
Obasi In gods honor ,  A sikh that means a person who is very attractive or very charming
Obasolape Yoruba term meaning god has made his wealth complete
Obatotosinloluwa God is indeed worthy of praise
Obdulia It means a pearl like beauty
Obed The people from the flint places one of american tribes
Obedience One who is trustworthy one who can be loved or trusted
Obelia Spell variant of mohan means a charming or fascinating person
Oberon Elf ruler ,  The soul or the purest blood out of the heart
Oberron A beautiful or attractive girl
Obert The one who believes that there is only one allah
Obi One with the beautiful essence who has the quality of charming aroma also one who have the quality to charm others
Obiageli One who is born into wealth
Obie An attractive person
Obiefune Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope
Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises god
Obinna Combination of sanskrit words moh and under that means the charm of a king
Obioma The charm of a king that wins over the hearts of others one who can win with his charm
Oboganriemu Be strong to survive
Obrecht Known for his inheritance ,  One who is the guardian of the charming king a protector of the fascinating king
Obuya Born when the garden was overgrown
Oca The splendour or the glory of the most charming king
Occa A person who is categorized by his mother land
Ocean Sea titan ,  Spell variant of mohinder that means a fascinating king
Oceana Spelling variation of mohinder that means an enchanting king
Oceane Charm of the god a person with a high intellectual skills
Oceanna One who is infatuated or charmed over lord krishna
Oceanne The female version of the mohit that means infatuated person
Oceanus Sea titan ,  A southindian version of the mohit that means charmed over lord krishna
Ocelfa An arabic term to the one who revives the religion the title of sufi saint abdul qadir jilani
Ocga A grateful authentic and outspoken person
Och Sparkle