Baby Names Starting with R

We have 2570 Baby Names Starting with R in our list.

Ra God of the sun ,  The sun
Raaadhika Love of krishna
Raabia Fourth ,  The fourth one
Raabiah A bounding in green foliage ,  Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr
Raabitah Connection
Raad A scout a pioneer
Raadh Concept ,  A variant form of raadha which means success in sanskrit
Raadhaa Radha ,  Krishnas beloved
Raadhesh The consort of radha ,  Lord krishna
Raadhi Achievement or success
Raadhika Krishnas girlfriend
Raadhiya Lover of krishna ,  Satisfied
Raaef The increased
Raaem Loving
Raafe A good companion
Raafiah High ,  Exalted ,  Wealthy
Raag Music ,  One with a gift of music
Raaga Belongs to music terms ,  She who is musical
Raagavarshini Rain
Raaghib Desirous ,  Willing ,  One who is willing desirous
Raahat Rest ,  Repose ,  To rest repose
Raaheel Rachel ,  To go on a journey
Raahi Traveller ,  Good companion ,  Spring
Raahil One with high speed
Raahilah A travelling woman
Raahim One who is compassionate kind and merciful
Raahima Merciful ,  Compassionate ,  Pitying
Raahul Son of buddha ,  A variant form of rahul ,  One who is able and efficient ,  Name of son of buddha
Raaid A guide one who is guided
Raaida A doll ,  Leader
Raaina A beautiful princess of the night
Raaj Kingdom ,  A variant form of raj which means king or prince in sanskrit ,  Also means rule
Raajaa King ,  Prince ,  Ruler ,  Monarch
Raajeev Blue lotus ,  Blue lotus one who rules all ,  Achiever ,  A varaint form of rajeev or rajiv which means striped in sanskrit
Raajeevalochan One with blue lotus eyes
Raajih Respondent ,  One who is superior
Raajyashree Propriety of a king ,  Modesty ,  Respectability ,  Politeness ,  Decorum of a king
Raaka Full moon ,  Bright brilliant radiant and luminant moon
Raakel Sheeps friend ,  Finnish name meaning ewe
Raakesh Lord of the night ,  Lord of the full moon night ,  A variant of rakesh which means lord of full moon day in sanskrit
Raakhi Symbol of protection ,  Full moon in the sravan month ,  Destroyer of evil ,  Protector ,  Destroyer of demons
Raakiba Horse rider
Raakin Respectful ,  A respectful one
Raam Lord rama ,  God ,  Supreme spirit ,  Pleasing ,  Charming ,  Allembracing absolute brahman ,  A name to the ultimately formless (advita) ,  An incarnation of lord vishnu
Raamaanuj Younger brother of rama ,  One of many names referring to lakshmana
Raamdatt Gift of rama ,  Blessing of ram ,  Lord rama or god supreme spirit ,  Charming
Raameen Obedient ,  She who is obedient
Raamiz Symbol ,  A variant of ramiz means symbol
Raana Walker style ,  Beautiful ,  One to look or gaze at an elegant person
Raanan Hebrew name meaning fresh
Raanee The queen ,  A queen
Raani Hebrew name meaning a song
Raaqeem Writer ,  Recorder ,  One who writes or records
Raaqim Writer ,  Recorder ,  A writer
Raashad A thinker or a counselor
Raashi Sign of the zodiac ,  Collection ,  Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortune
Raashid Major ,  Adult ,  Orthodox ,  Guided ,  Intelligent ,  One what is rightly guided