Baby Names Starting with S

We have 4009 Baby Names Starting with S in our list.

Saaadat A person who is blissful and happy
Saabiq Antecedent ,  Preceding ,  Antecedent prior former
Saabir Patient ,  Enduring ,  A patient person
Saabira Patient ,  Enduring ,  A woman who is patient and eduring
Saach A truthful beloved and graceful person
Saacha A person who helps and defends people
Saachee Beloved
Saachi Truth ,  A person who is beloved because she speaks the truth
Saad Felicity ,  Good fortune ,  Good luck ,  A blissful happy person
Saada A helpful person
Saadaat Master ,  Gentleman ,  People who are lords leaders and superiors
Saadah A feeling of hapiness blissfulnes and elation
Saadalla A joy of god
Saadar Respectful respected
Saadat Blessing
Saade A blessing profit or laughter
Saadee The lord or the master
Saadet A person who is generaly happy in life
Saadhanaa Practice ,  A quest
Saadhin Work or achievement
Saadi Righteous ,  A person who is destined for happiness
Saadia Princess ,  To recieve help from god
Saadin The feirness an justice of religion
Saadiq One who is honest and trustworty
Saadiqa Truthful ,  Sincere ,  One who tells the truth
Saadiqah A sincere and truthful person
Saadiqhah True ,  Sincere ,  Faithful ,  Veracious ,  A woman of his word
Saadiya Happy ( swahili origin ) ,  A person of good fortune
Saaduddin A justice and success of islam religion
Saadya Gods helper
Saafi A person of pure and clean nature
Saafir A person who is an ambassador a pretty one
Saagarik Belonging to the ocean
Saagh Listener ,  In order ,  One who is a good listener
Saaghir Submissive ,  Yielding ,  A person who is os submissive yielding nature
Saagnika Fiery passionate or with fire
Saahana Long life ,  Raga
Saahib Companion ,  Follower ,  One who is a follower a companion
Saahir Charming ,  Enchanting ,  Wakeful ,  A meagical enxchanting person
Saahirah Earth moon or spring which flows constantly
Saahithi Literature
Saaida Branch ,  Tributary ,  One who is lucky in life
Saaim Fasting ,  To go without food to fast
Saaimah Fasting woman
Saaiqa A lightning in the sky
Saairah Name of a sahabiyyah (ra)
Saajid Prostrator ,  Adotar ,  One who worships god ,  A person who worships god
Saajida A deovted worshiper of gpd
Saaleh Good ,  Virtuous ,  A person with good heart
Saaleha Good ,  Useful ,  Correct ,  Agreeable ,  Pious ,  A pious good and correct person
Saalifah Previous ,  Last
Saalih Good ,  Virtuous ,  One of good nature
Saaliha Good ,  Useful ,  A uselful and good person
Saalihah A righteous and pious person
Saalik Follower of a spiritual path ,  A person who is on the spiritual path
Saalikah Following ,  Proceeding
Saalim Secure ,  Safe ,  Mild ,  Free ,  The feeling of safety and security