Baby Names Starting with U

We have 313 Baby Names Starting with U in our list.

Uba Old woman
Ubaadah Old arabic name
Ubab Waves ,  Heavy rain
Ubadah Serves god
Ubah Flower
Ubaid Faithful
Ubaida Slave ,  Servant of god
Ubaidah Servant of god
Ubaidullah Slave of allah
Ubay Old arabic name
Ubaydullah Servant of allah
Ubayy One with high self esteem
Uberto Bright mind ,  Intelligent ,  Italian form of hubert ,  Bright spirit
Ubika Growth
Ubon Lotus flower
Ucchal The mind ,  Understanding ,  Perception
Ucchit Delightful ,  Proper ,  Fit ,  Right
Uchimakali One of the hindu god ,  Name of one of the hindu goddess
Uchith Correct
Udai The rising ,  To rise ,  To rise the rising
Udakanjali Lustrous
Udaki Name of the king of minni
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices
Udant Correct message ,  The correct message
Udantika Great ,  Satisfaction
Udar Generous
Udaranga Endowed with a beautiful body ,  A woman with a beautiful body
Udarathi Lord vishnu ,  One of the names of lord vishnu
Uday To materialize ,  Ascend ,  To rise ,  Appearance
Udaya Rising sun ,  Create a lord ,  Dawn ,  The feminine version of uday meaning dawn
Udayachal Eastern horizon ,  The eastern horizon
Udayan Rising ,  Name of king of avanti ,  Uprising
Udaysah She was a narrator of hadith ,  Udaysah was the name of the narrator of hadith and also ahban alghifariyahs daughter
Udbala Strong
Udbhav Rising with glory ,  Creation or to arise from
Udeep Flood
Udell From the yew tree valley
Udgam Rising star
Udgita A hymn
Udhayarani Rising queen
Udichi One who grows with prosperity
Udipti On fire
Uditi Rising son ,  Rising
Udo One with great fortune
Udolf Wealthy wolf ,  A wolf ruler
Udom Principled
Udoola Justified
Udumebraye My presence gives them heartache
Udumelue Crowned with honor and pride
Udvita River filled with lotus flowers ,  River of lotuses ,  A river filled with lotus flowers
Udyati Elevated
Ueman Venerable time
Uffe Wolf man
Ufq Useful open ,  Sky
Ufuk Horizon