Baby Names Starting with X

We have 70 Baby Names Starting with X in our list.

Xanadu Mongolian city ,  A place in china which was once kublai khans yuan dynasty
Xander Defender of man ,  Defending men
Xandra Protector of humanity
Xantara Protector of the earth
Xanthe Fairhaired ,  The shade gold
Xantheus One who is golden haired
Xanthippe Yellow horse its a feminine form of xanthippos
Xanthippos Yellow horse
Xanthos Yellow
Xanthus A river god
Xantina Little saint
Xaria Melody ,  The gift of love
Xatia She who is flawless like an icon or painting
Xaverie Female version of xavier meaning the new house
Xavier New home ,  Bright ,  New house or bright
Xaviera Brand new home ,  Brilliant ,  Feminine version of xavier meaning bright or splendid
Xayadvirah Victorious over enemies
Xena Brave ,  Welcoming and hospitable
Xenia Woman of hospitality
Xenon Foreign person ,  Stranger
Xenophanes Looking foreign ,  Strange
Xenophon Foreign language ,  Tongue
Xenos Stranger
Xerxes King of heroes ,  Monarch ,  Famous egyptian king
Xhiva Assamese version of lord shiva it means benign kind auspicious
Xiang Good luck
Xiaoping Little peace
Xicohtencatl Angry bumblebee
Xilonen Hairy one
Xiloxoch Calliandra
Ximena One who has heard ,  Greek form of xenia meaning hospitality to a stranger
Ximeno Son
Xinavane Spread or propagate
Xing Successful ,  Thriving
Xingfu Joyful ,  Happy
Xiomara Glorious in war ,  Variation of xiamara which means joyful deer
Xipil Noble one of fire
Xipilli Jeweled prince
Xiu Charming
Xiuhcoatl Comet
Xiuhtonal Precious light
Xiutecuhtli Gentleman of the fire
Xoana God is gracious
Xobeen Spear
Xochiatlapal Flower wing
Xochicotzin Fire serpent
Xochil Flower
Xochilt A variant of xochil meaning flower
Xochipilli God of love and flowers
Xochiquen Flower garment
Xochiquetzal Most beautiful flower
Xochitl Blossomlike ,  Flower
Xochiyotl Heart of a gentle flower
Xoco Youngest sister
Xocotzin Youngest daughter
Xocoyotl Youngest child
Xoese Believe