Baby Names Starting with Z

We have 713 Baby Names Starting with Z in our list.

Zaabit Clever man one who remembers ,  Brilliant and intelligent ,  A variant spelling is zabit
Zaad The domination ,  Victory success ,  Triumph ,  To increase ,  A variant form of arabic name zayd
Zaadi Of the night guest
Zaaei Name of a flower in marathi ,  Name of a flower in oriya language
Zaafarani Saffron
Zaafer Helper or assistant
Zaafir Victorious
Zaafira Victorious ,  Successful
Zaafirah Victorious or successful
Zaahid Devotee ,  Abstemious ,  Ascetic ,  Ascetic abstemious devotee ,  Hermit
Zaahida Hermit ,  Ascetic
Zaahir Bright ,  Shining ,  Elevated ,  Bright shining elevated ,  Radianting ,  Derived from zahara
Zaakir Remembering ,  Grateful
Zaal Georgian form of zal meaning albino
Zaam Noise ,  Kalam ,  Voice
Zaan From near the zaan river
Zaanjar Ornament of leg (paayal) ,  Anklet
Zaara Brave
Zaarib One who beats striker ,  Fighter ,  Warrior
Zabarqan Fourteenth moon
Zabeehullah The sacrifice in the cause of allah
Zabel Name of a king of the country of the dimamai
Zaber Group of worshipers
Zabeth Pledged to god
Zabia Like doe
Zabian A worshiper of heavenly bodies
Zabil Psychotropic eyed
Zabir Vast knowledge of religion ,  One who vast knowledge of religion
Zabira Scholar
Zabit Powerful ,  To remember
Zabla Drugeyed
Zaboor Lion
Zabreen Higher
Zabrina Fruitful desert flower ,  A form of sabrina meaning princess
Zacchaeus Clean and pure
Zachariah God remembers ,  Hebrew memory of the lord ,  The lord remembers
Zacharias God remembers
Zack God remembers ,  Short form of zachary and zachariah ,  Hebrew memory of the lord ,  The lord remembers
Zada Fortunate ,  Prosperous ,  Fortunate prosperous ,  Huntress ,  Lucky one ,  To increase ,  A variant spelling of zaida
Zaden A variant transcription of zayden which means to increase
Zadfar Glorious birth
Zadi Daughter was born
Zadie Princess
Zaeem Guarantor ,  A prominent personality most probably a chief or leader
Zafana Flame
Zafar Victory ,  Triumph
Zafarjung The victory in the war
Zafaryab A victory
Zafeer The more success ,  One of firm and resolute intention
Zafeera At each location succeeded
Zafer Help ,  Victory or victor
Zaffar Victory ,  Triumph
Zafir Victorious
Zafirah Victory ,  Triumphant successful ,  Victorious ,  Winner
Zafof High speed
Zafra To help