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Alisander Protector of human race
Alisceon She who is noble and kind
Aliva Olive tree
Alkmund Protector of the temple
Alkott From the old cottage
Allayne Comely
Allcot From the old cottage
Alldred Old counsel
Alldrich Old leader elderly person incharge
Alldridge Old frontrunner
Allearia English name for girls
Alleigh Old english lah (wood clearing meadow) lee has the meaning dweller by the wood or clearing
Alleluia Greek form of hallelujah a hebrew word meaning praise god in christianityity its considered a joyful word of praise to god
Allfie Elf power fairy power
Allfreda Elf power goblin power
Allfredah Elf power
Allfredda A small often mischievous creature considered to have magical powers
Allfrie A lively mischievous child
Allfrieda A usually sprightly or mischievous or sometimes spiteful person
Allfryda A feminine form of alfred meaning sage or wise
Allfy Elf counsel elf advocate
Allgar Spear from the elves
Allger Spear
Allisoun Son of the highborn
Allisson Alices son or little alice
Allmer Highborn and renowned
Allnut Noble and daring person a surname
Allric Old leader
Allson Son of the highborn
Allsop Surname means aelles hop
Allsun Noble honest kind
Allton From the old town
Allure The females name allure allure is a variant of allura (old french) and the meaning of allure is to entice attract
Alluryn Alluryn based on the word alluring means mesmerizing or attractive
Allysanne Variants of alice kind nobility
Allysson Noble majestic magnificient kind
Allysyn Northamerican spelling variant of the name alison which is a diminutive form of the norman french name alis (alice)
Almalyn English name for girls
Aloc Altered level of consciousness aloc
Aloe This name was inspired by the aloe plant
Aloria A rare name desiring the best filled with inspiring and sophisticated qualities
Alot Resourceful by nature it represents a strong personality bestowing supremacy
Alote An good elf counselor full of practicality and potential to reach dominance
Alwyna A warm hearted young noble friend a visionary often blessed with ingenuity and sagacious quality
Alyxia An honourable defender who is flowing with passion
Amberlie The sky ,  A forever jewelquality resin
Amberr A warm honey coated jewel quality resin
Amitan They are endless and have a trustworthy personality
Ammerie They are divine rulers of the universe who are noble inoffensive and beloved
Andor The one who is filled with virility and manlyhood
Breahha A place name in old england a town breahha
Breaker A wave that makes white foam on the shore
Breann One who is bold as a raven
Breeanna One who is strong and honourable
Breehan Hailing from the boundary line
Breehanna One who hails from the boundary
Breelyn A noble and exalted person